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Company Visit to Wayang Windhu Geothermal

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New Experience, Wider Perspective, Unforgettable Moment

Long Trip

May 19, 2011 at about 7 pm, all students of Electrical Engineering batch 2009 and 2010 were starting our trip through ± 190 km to Pangalengan (read: Pan-Galengan), South Bandung. Although spending ± 5 hours sitting in the non-AC bus but this trip was pretty exhilarating us for it is for the first time since we had entered President University.  There is no more interesting trip than doing it with friends, we were playing games, chit chatting, sharing, joking, laughing, even shouting, the world is as just like we and us. Awesome!

We sensed the weather had been decreasing in temperature constantly in small slope, it became the sign for us that our destination was closer and closer. Then, we saw piece by piece view of big and infinite silver pipe and white smoke at the roadside, which is surrounded by tea plants. “Yes, we are, finally we arrive!”, shout Wahyudi, the Chairman of the trip.

Well Welcome

We were really welcome well by Mr. Munggang (read: Kak Munggang) in comfortable communion room where we were having snack and hot drinks. We were surprised seeing a state owned company has well maintained facilities, garden, and sports equipment. Then, we went to meeting room to see presentation about the company and the requirements of visiting each area. It is a must to wear helmet and engineer shoes because here it emphasizes the safety of human resources much more than others. The time pointed 3 o’clock, then we were starting to explore.

New Insight

The new insight was begun when visiting the control room and having chitchat with engineers there. Some information will be shared here.

  • It is possible to have internship in there, but it is very prominent to decide what you are going to do during internship, because the maximum period is only two months.
  • It is very important as electrical engineering students who will work in company to begin studying about PLC, because it is the most applicable in most company.
  • Working activities in there is only 20 days, and 10 days of holiday every month.
  • The most fatal accident can happen if you are working without procedural is dead.
  • The white smoke told above that burst out is cold one, even it seems hot.
  • The hot steam from earth stomach is used to turn the turbine to produce electricity.
  • The electricity or power produced, it will be sold to PLN.
  • If the machine one is broken or under maintenance in order to do frequently checking, the second machine will be activated.
  • If both of machine does not work properly, the company will use fossil fuel generator or buy back the power from PLN.
  • In Indonesia, just a few of geothermal sources are used due to lack of human and financial resources to develop it.
  • Compare to coal and fossil fuel contributes about 80% of CO2, geothermal is even less than 10%, so it is good starting to build career here for next 30 years if we consider the nuclear energy is too dangerous in mountain area like in Indonesia.
  • The area of the company itself is very fresh, comfortable, natural, green, and silent to have different working place compare to Jakarta.
  • It is named Wayang Windhu due to close to two mountains there, Wayand and Windhu.

For all above priceless experience, I deliver all thank for:

  1. Dr. Eng-. Erwin Sitompul, M.Sc
  2. Antonius Suhartomo, Ph.D
  3. Munggang, B.Sc
  4. I Gusti Wahyudi Indrawan

for your contribution. I really appreciate it.

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