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It has been long time since my holiday in Makassar during the Mid of the August, I have not posted my experienced yet, so U Guys, my steadfast reader there may know that: U have never been in Makassar if U never taste these foods!

Besides my nieces, Jeanette -the beauty one- and Ivory -the chubby one-, the best culinary U have to visit is the best idea to know very well what inside of Makassar is. So delicated!

Wijen Chicken in SunachiAyam Goreng Wijen / Fried Chicken plus Wijen
Sunachi Restaurant, Clarion Hotel, Makassar, South Sulawesi
High quality of food and service with reasonable price

Nyok-NyangNyuk-Nyang / Pork Meat Ball
Jalan Timor, in front of Makassar Cinema
Various Nyuk-Nyang available here

Sate Ayam / Chicken Meat Roasted
Ayam Goreng Bu Tini
Jalan Gunung Lompobattang, beside Omega Optical

Pangsit Mie
Jalan Sangir 130, Makassar
Bold and soft noodle plus pure red pork

Air tahuSoybean Juice / Air tahu
Bakpao Lompobattang
Jalan Gunung Merapi

Siomay BabiPork Siomay / Siomay Babi
Jalan Gunung Merapi
Elastic and scattered Pork inside

Pork Bread / Bakpao
Bakpao Lompobattang

Hainam Pork
Jalan Sangir
Delicious and solid meat

Bak Ken / Chopped Pork

Chap Chay / Kwantong Soup
Jalan Lombok, Kios ????


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