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Air Mata Kucing

What ????

Minum Air Mata Kucing ????

It sounds disgusting !!!!

For I dislike the cat, I prefer to dog.

But wonderful that I may taste this new stuff, and it tasted fragrant and fresh. It is different with other drinks since it taste like Gula Jawa / Gula Merah, plus Lo Han Kuo (whatever it is), for healing throat problem. And also u may vary the drink adding some milk, lengkeng, sugar, and any other fruits.

By the way and any way this one is HEALTH DRINK and safe to be consumed, I wonder I may taste it now. 😀

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What did Einstein say about God Existence?

GOD EXISTENCE by A. Einstein

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Sate Kelinci Bandung Pisan Euy !


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5 Info Langka dan Unik

Semoga bermanfaat(y):

1. Nomor Darurat telepon genggam: 112.
Jika anda sedang di daerah yg tdk menerima sinyal HP & perlu memanggil pertolongan, silahkan tekan 112, dan HP akan mencari otomatis network apapun yg ada utk menyambungkan nomor darurat bagi anda. Dan yg menarik, nomor 112 dpt ditekan biarpun keypad dlm kondisi di lock.

2. Kunci mobil anda ketinggalan di dlm mobil? Anda memakai kunci remote?
Kalau kunci anda ketinggalan dlm mobil & remote cadangannya ada di rumah, anda segera telpon orang rmh dgn HP, lalu dekatkan HP anda kurang lebih 30cm dari mobil & minta org rumah utk menekan tombol pembuka pd remote cadangan yg ada dirumah.
Pd waktu menekan tombol pembuka remote, minta org rmh mendekatkan remotenya ke telepon yang dipakainya.

3. Battery cadangan darurat khusus NOKIA.
Kalau baterai anda sdh sgt mnim pdhal anda sedang menunggu telpon penting ato sedang butuh menelfon dlm kondisi darurat, tp karna telfon anda NOKIA… silahkan tekan *3370#, maka telpon anda otomatis restart & baterai akan bertambah 50%. Baterai cadangan ini akan terisi waktu anda mencharge HP anda.

4. Tips untuk meng-check keabsahan mobil/motor anda (Jakarta area only).
Ketik : contoh metro B86301O (no plat mobil anda) Kirim ke 1717, nanti akan ada balasan dari kepolisian mengenai data2 kendaraan anda, tips ini jg berguna untuk mengetahui data2 mobil bekas yg hendak anda akan beli.

5. Jika anda sedang terancam jiwanya krn dirampok/ditodong seseorang utk mengeluarkan uang dari atm, maka anda bisa minta pertolongan diam2 dgn memberikan nomor pin scara terbalik, misal no asli pin anda 1254 input 4521 di atm maka mesin akan mengeluarkan uang anda juga tanda bahaya ke kantor polisi tanpa diketahui pencuri tsb. Fasilitas ini tersedia di seluruh atm tapi hanya sedikit org yg tahu


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Drinking Water

So often people said that you should drink much water each day for healthy reason.
BUT, as the matter of fact that if there is the time for eating, also there will be time for drinking.
It’s logic I mean..:-D
We have about 60,000,000,000,000,000 (60 trillions) cells in our body need water periodly.


Too much water before eating,  gastric will be full and decrease your appetite
Too much water at eating, will  dilute digestive enzyme, so it will make hard in digesting and absording.
So, limit at most 1 glass during or after eating.

Avoid also drinnking water before going sleep to prevent turbulance flow.
Even it’s only water, if water mix up with chyme, then  entering throat, and inhaled into lung, it may risk PNEUMONIA!!


  • 1-3 glass / 500mL at getting up in the morning
  • 2-3 glass / 750mL 1 hour before lunch
  • 2-3 glass / 750mL 1 hour before dinner

It should not eat or drink, during 4 hours going to bed. Let our body full rest at night!!! peace 😀

source: The Miracle of Enzyme by Hiromi Shinya, MD

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My Celebrity Models

Here all they are, my belove nieces!!!
They are supposed to be the models of ads on TV, agreeee? YeS!

Ipoy, Jessica and Jeanette, their name orderly from left to right…

U may imagine how they behave:
Ipoy likes sleep and eat so much, she just walk on her first year, before that her hobby is ngesot (even try to walk)
She never gives up, but rather I become tired earlier to go with her, to exercise her go up and down stairs.
Her smiling so uniq coz she does not yet have teeth…maybe tooth…
She is good at Toothpaste Advertisement, LOL 😀

Jessica likes watch the ceiling and look around what is happening surrounding…
She wonders taking a bath, she never cry due to taking a bath,,
She likes swimming and her head is so big, I think she is Genious..
I am interested her big cheeks and shiny eyes!
She has talent at Porridge and Milk advertisements.

Jeanette, she has sharp tongue – means fussy so so so so much- , trust me!
Her face is like a model that usually we may watch on TV, like Japanese Artist..
She is the bullier in her school even she is a little girl..
No one in her school could advice her, even her teachers..The only one is her father!
She is the smartest and most genious girl I ever know..
Turn around the fact, lie to parents, and chatty..
Incredible kid!


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“Membangkitkan Rasa Bangga Generasi Muda terhadap Aset Bangsa”

The content of the seminar, at least as follows:

“Today, the seminar itself is not attended by Mr. Darmono, because he must go with Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, whereas he has prepared himself this morning. Oh unfortunately,” said Prof. Dr. Ermaya -PU first rector- as seminar opener.

The most important asset for a nation is placed in the young generation…That is heritage cultural, said Mr. Eka Budianta as the representative of Mr. Darmono

Dr. Marwah Daud Ibrahim speech about
-Menjadikan Indonesia Maju, Berpengaruh, dan Memimpin
-Sukses Individu adalah Sukses Bangsa

Kind of Leader Indonesia need, that Leader with:
-common vision
-detail alignment
Also, we enjoy the Zaman dance as our pride Indonesian culture..

How to change mindset:
-read 7habits
-join motivation seminar
-do it consistently 40days continued

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