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Living Big in Small Places

Living Big in Small Places

is the topic for this Sunday, by Dr. Keith Johnson, the #1 Confidence Coach in USA.

Through your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase.

I love Jakarta, I love this church, I love being here. Because I am treated as a King here. It’s all about the armed size Lobster,” Dr. Keith open the teaching today, the last day after a week conference in AGC.

EVERYTHING BIG, always START with SMALL, I believe everyone know it, but ironic, a lots NEVER START yet.

When I bought a new house, I told my grandpa, “Grandpa, the wall has not been painted yet

He replied, “If u buy paint, u’ve painted 50% of your house.

Then, I bought some paint then told my grandpa, “Grandpa, I’ve bought paint as you ordered me to do

U have painted 75% of your house now! You may open the can, the put your brush into then starting to paint the wall, You will finish it 100% as well!” replied by Grandpa

What he meant telling me is I MUST START. When I take a step, I have done 50% of my dream. When I pay the price, I have done 75%  of my dream. When I do put my brush into, then starting to paint my dream into reality to the 100%.

But before you must have a BIG DREAM, never be afraid of having BIG DREAM. Don’t ever be afraid of reaching the STARS, the deepest fail you will be achieve the MOON. God is never frightened by your BIG DREAM. He is the owner and the maker of universe and heaven, He has even more and more BIG DREAM you and I. When YOU THINK BIG, YOU THINK AS GOD THINK. WHEN YOU DREAM BIG, YOU THINK AS GOD THINK. Then you will walk by God’s Confidence. Nothing goes wrong by DREAMING BIG as our FATHER’S. We have His Gen.

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