My Celebrity Models

30 Jan

Here all they are, my belove nieces!!!
They are supposed to be the models of ads on TV, agreeee? YeS!

Ipoy, Jessica and Jeanette, their name orderly from left to right…

U may imagine how they behave:
Ipoy likes sleep and eat so much, she just walk on her first year, before that her hobby is ngesot (even try to walk)
She never gives up, but rather I become tired earlier to go with her, to exercise her go up and down stairs.
Her smiling so uniq coz she does not yet have teeth…maybe tooth…
She is good at Toothpaste Advertisement, LOL 😀

Jessica likes watch the ceiling and look around what is happening surrounding…
She wonders taking a bath, she never cry due to taking a bath,,
She likes swimming and her head is so big, I think she is Genious..
I am interested her big cheeks and shiny eyes!
She has talent at Porridge and Milk advertisements.

Jeanette, she has sharp tongue – means fussy so so so so much- , trust me!
Her face is like a model that usually we may watch on TV, like Japanese Artist..
She is the bullier in her school even she is a little girl..
No one in her school could advice her, even her teachers..The only one is her father!
She is the smartest and most genious girl I ever know..
Turn around the fact, lie to parents, and chatty..
Incredible kid!


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3 responses to “My Celebrity Models

  1. elvina0990

    January 31, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    bakat lain dari Sugi… => melihat bakat2 terpendam.
    buad agency model ajahh ntar Sugi. haha

    Lucu2 bangedd yaa… Lucu juga bayangin kamu d panggil om.hahaha…

    ada foto2 kamu waktu masih kecil gak?? pasti lucu2 juga. 😛
    Btw, good luck for PUSU announcement tommorow yaa..
    wish you all best for the result..

  2. Gunawan

    February 7, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Lucu tuh si ipoy n gunawan.. Secara gitu loh gunawan..


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