“Membangkitkan Rasa Bangga Generasi Muda terhadap Aset Bangsa”

28 Jan

The content of the seminar, at least as follows:

“Today, the seminar itself is not attended by Mr. Darmono, because he must go with Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, whereas he has prepared himself this morning. Oh unfortunately,” said Prof. Dr. Ermaya -PU first rector- as seminar opener.

The most important asset for a nation is placed in the young generation…That is heritage cultural, said Mr. Eka Budianta as the representative of Mr. Darmono

Dr. Marwah Daud Ibrahim speech about
-Menjadikan Indonesia Maju, Berpengaruh, dan Memimpin
-Sukses Individu adalah Sukses Bangsa

Kind of Leader Indonesia need, that Leader with:
-common vision
-detail alignment
Also, we enjoy the Zaman dance as our pride Indonesian culture..

How to change mindset:
-read 7habits
-join motivation seminar
-do it consistently 40days continued

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