16 Jan

Firstly, thank be to God Almighty, The Lord Jesus Christ for all favor have been being blessed to mE to reach GPA 4 for my first semester in President University… And to all colleagues have taken supports on me…To all my friend we played and had fun together…To all lecturers has been patient so much to teach and educate me so clearly…

Thank You also to Richard Feynman -flop-, David Morin,, R.C. Hibbeler -static and mechanic-, Halliday, and so on….who have been best Physics source!!!

Here some tips to go following excellent GPA easily:::
– Desire and Exciting know, How and WHY!
– Asking and Solving
– Participate in class problem
– Find another source (above)
– Understand -imaging is very important- only the concept/core
– Make a time to keep Practicing/Exercising (after and before, even only at glance)

I know and I believe fully that GPA 4 is not the guarantee to the future…
BUT, it’s not bad idea if you can reach it!
WHat I have written is the Tips, not to guarantee You will get good job, good salary, or good prestice..
BUT, to open your OPPORTUNITY wider…
To make your time more efficient, So it’s more free for you to DO what SKILL u can improve outside University…
What I said is to train yourself…

Calculus and Physics are not used specifically in working Life – except for scientist or engineers-
BUT, when we enter one University, it’s our decision, and so it’s also our responsibilty…
What we want to do in University,to change our MINDSET!

As what I have said, above tips to make u easier to make your time efficient to reach what we need to look for!


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3 responses to “TIPS GO TO FULL GPA SCORE

  1. elvina

    January 18, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Hopefully I’ll able to get 4 this semesterr….. Semangaattt!!! 😀
    thx for the tips! I’ll try to practice it…
    eh, kamu dunks tag in k blog cici.hehehe
    kalo mau subcribe dari blog yang berbeda bisa tak ya?

  2. sugiantomann

    January 18, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    i dont know how to tag exactly, but i think it could even with different blog…
    btw, thanks juga uda jadi visitor…jadi semangat menulis lagi nih….

  3. Wahyudi

    January 19, 2010 at 9:31 am

    I think I can’t say another word to you except “WONDERFUL”

    you’re awful, I’ll try that tips…


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