Numbers of Life Attitude

02 Dec
  • Topic: Any scientific cause and effect phenomenon
    Title: Numbers of Life Attitude

Since the crisis in 1996, people suffer high pressure financial attack, striving for life expenses, jumping up on credit payment, and other problems with money. Until 2009, people still work very hard to overcome their credit on luxurious goods, to pay their family expenses, to pay their children education fee. They work from 8pm till 5pm five times in a week, every month, use their whole time in working. No longer enjoy their life as a something we need to be smart to pass through and pleasure on it, because these below Bad Life Attitude/Expressions.

Apprehensive about future, money, working. They are afraid of being not like what they have planned. Worry is the cause of unproductive on thinking and solving activity so get them stuck in frustrating and deep depression.

Let the unreasonable fearfulness dominate their life. Whereas, as the matter of fact, most of them never come true. Also when we keep grudge about someone or something happen. According to researching, this one consume a lot of energy, so that it makes us tired and stress.

Let the problems in office, in school, in duty, in project, in home disturb their sleeping time. Whereas, sleeping is the most effective activity that is able to recover the condition of brain. But, most people don’t consider it as an important one. Even, they cannot sleep well till they can have unusual dreaming. It cause they never feel rest whole of their life, they feel so crowded, busy, no fresh air. Then it affect their working time, they become not wise to solve each problems one by one. Instead, their life become worse and worse.

Let their life now depends on their past time. Most people nowadays get stuck to apply their creativity due to their failure in attitude, relationship, or project/duty at the past, what people used to say about them, what people used to judge them, or any other intimidation. Let the pass be enjoyable and experiencing moment, but don’t let yourself depends on this such thing makes you down. Concentrating to what you are passing through now while making planning for bright future.

In conclusion, there is no advantages to have Bad Attitude of Life, it doesn’t make your life better, it doesn’t make your life longer, it doesn’t make you happy, it’s bad, it’s negative. Be pity on yourself, be active in positive activity, be a good listener to learn new idea, be a graceful person, and finally you will feel the best life ever!

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