18 Nov

Guys, for Blackberry user, BB Bold 9000 (similiar to mine), surely a lot of complaints I got,,,,
But fortunately, I have overcame that problems, and I would like to share to you of course!!!

1. if my BB got loading too long, I realize that i have to restart my BB,
to restart you should press:
alt+shift(right end below)+del once in time,,,
it is caused by the memory free for application has been full by our activity,,,,be carefull,if you let this, some of your email or whatever will be deleted for more space memory,,,,
to check information in your BB,try this:
if your file free reach closer to 10,000,000bytes, you should restart for your satisfaction
you can plug in and out your battery to restart,,,,I just tell you more simple way,,,,

2. if you have been bored with your themes, you can download for free the themes, you can get link these:

3. you also can add more features in your BB:
windows live messenger—-
yahoo messenger—-
by exploring in

4. adding other extra features:
google maps: download OTA directly from your browser (type this pd english indonesia) (type this alkitab)

5. activating your Blackberry messenger, esspecially in Indonesia, you have to subscribe before, now available in
telkomsel (Rp 180,000 /month), by sms to 333, type BB REG
indosat (Rp 160,000 / month) or (Rp 50,000 / week) or Rp 55000 / month [bislite]
xl (Rp 5,000 /day)

6. to use your BB as modem, follow these:
*aktifkan desktop manager di komputer
*masukkan BB pada port USB komputer
*properties control panel komputer
*kalau ok, masukkan extra command string:

-create network connection
-pilih modemx,tekan nomor *99#
-username n password:

gempaloka (to send you earthquake happened in Indonesia)
kaskus mobile
okezone mobile
From:blackberry for everyone book

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